2 Women (Icarus)

by J.ReaL Hip Hop

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Based on a true story.



Verse 1

Two women! I had two women this summer!/
Had a few with me, but it's two of 'em I would fuck with/
Two women! I had two women all summer!/
Had a bunch I was duckin', but was cool with a couple!/
Two women! I had two women this summer!/
Fuck around and took a loss when I got way too comfortable/
Two women! I had two women during summer!/
Had me running 'round town & running through packs of rubbers!/
Had two of 'em on me, that would hit my line, all the time/
They weren't the only ones, just the ones I kept my mind on!/
Damn! Both of 'em fine, almost hard to keep my grind strong!/
I'd be waiting trying to taste they precipitation, spinning my tongue around in a cyclone!/
Open my eyes like I'm Cyclops, but I'm the one they keep an eye on!/
Not to sweat the small shit, nothing they brought up was microbe/
But whenever night falls, at the sight of a sexual cipher/
I would cycle off to recycle our last recital & the morning's revival! Good God/


Two women! I had two women all summer!/
Til' they both cut me off, fuckin' round, drunk off the sauce! Dawg!/
Two women! I said two women! Ain't that something?!/
Flying way too fucking HIGH, burned my wings and now I'm tumblin'! Damn!/
Two women! I had two women, seeing double!/
Not committed, but that indecision split it! Left me bummy! Homie!/
Two women, bruh! Two women! Like a dummy!/
Let the sun melt my glue, burning me, here's my stubble!/

Verse 2

(Yeah) Bring me down to my knees, you left claw marks on my chest/
I could test you with ease; I saw those red spots on your breasts/
Hard to be pressed against that bed post, you much smaller than me/
And damn it if I didn't have you up in that closest, ass red in 50 shades like Dakota Johnson/
Off topic I know! Imma get you more vinyl as a gift/
And I remember I put you on New Girl; this is like season three, and I'm Schmidt!/
Ripped, probably at a bar with brew, offering looseys to your squad or your roomie/
And you are probably organizing your students in a room for a party happening soon/
Dancing in rooms where the bands don't play, unless all the kids make up core fanbases/
And I know about your new man girl, lets face it: neither one of us could handle no labels/
God damn: But I still gotta fuck with you!/
But I'm glad you moved on, cause 'just friends' ain't enough for you! I know!/
"End of the day though, I adore both of y'all...seriously"



Two women! I said two women, all summer! [3xs]/
Two women, two women that I fell in love with! Uh!/


released November 13, 2015
Writer: J. Edwards
Producer(s): Boi-1da, Jordan Evans
Engineer: D. Lopez



all rights reserved


J.ReaL Hip Hop New Orleans, Louisiana

A New Orleans emcee. Apart of the Donuts In August collective.

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