Autumn Wars

by J.ReaL Hip Hop

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1st track in a new weekly series. Called "Autumn Wars". Enjoy.


[Verse 1]

Yo, I can wreck a flow like a monster/
I been on my monkey since that Crayola & Tonka/
Since early morning with Rescuers & Bonkers/
Been taking control since I found out how to beat Blanka; hear me out/
I can build a flow up like a genius, if you wanna see it/
Best believe it, freakin' feral fetus let my mama speak it/
All I ever needed was a pencil & the loosest leaf/
And I can burn it up, like a forest vs. Wiz Khalifa/
Mia Khalifa, how I freak a beat like I'm in The Valley/
I was barely born banging beat back in the back of Cambridge/
Barely 15, shaggin' sweeties at my Mom & Daddy's/
Jeez Louise, Tiffany had me fienin' like Cedric Hailey!/
I'm that nigga, I'm that nigga!/
Louisiana Federal Credit Union and it got six figures!/
Mom & Dad we won't ever go broke again!/
Get a girl and poke her face until she have a broken chin!/


Now throw your hands up in the atmosphire if you 'bout it/
Them boys from the South is coming down and gettin' rowdy, like/
Ayo, bitch! Ayo, bitch! Ayo-ayo, bitch!
(Repeat 1x)
Now ladies, move yo' hips & blow some kisses if you feel it/
J.ReaL is in the building, looking fresh and spittin' lyrics, like/
Ayo bitch! Ayo, bitch! Ayo-ayo, bitch!

(Repeat 1x)

[Verse 2]

Zoom nigga, we can get it on, yeah, how ever you want!/
Nigga we can get it on! Bitch, I'm back up in my zone!/
Yeah, me & my microphone hoe, I'm right where I belong/
And I'm shooting down you clones! Blucka, blucka! Looka!/
I can jack a rapper til' he's cashed out! Black mask out/
Gimme all you got, if the bass knock, you assed out!/
20 somethings all around me like I'm in a frat house!/
They drunk and screaming all my lyrics til' they fucking pass out!/
I can touch a track and make it godly, God lee!/
Hype Indie, niggas bumping that like it's the Isleys!/
Kryogenic how I spit it, chillin', I'm so icy/
Rhyming on Häagen Dazs, all of my bars, filled up with Ice Cream/
I can style it like I model BBC/
Like I'm signed to Star Trek, I'm the new N*E*R*D/
Like the Neptunes put Slim Thug & Fam Lay on my LP/
Laser gun tucked, walking in the function 40 deep!/


I'm that nigga, I'm that nigga!/
Long live Soulja, in New Orleans like Big Tymers, I thought I fuckin' told ya'/

(Repeat 1x)


released August 12, 2015
Vocals: J. Edwards, D. Lopez
Engineering: JCKIEJEWLZ



all rights reserved


J.ReaL Hip Hop New Orleans, Louisiana

A New Orleans emcee. Apart of the Donuts In August collective.

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